The Bug Company is very proud of our innovative approaches to packaging and retailing. It is one of the things that set us apart. We consider our retailers our valued partners in taking live and prepared reptile and wild bird food to a higher level and are working hard to offer a variety of ways to attract customer's attention. It's a win-win, and we ask that you please check them out! And if you have a big bug/reptile/bird food retailing idea you'd like to explore, talk to us!

Mix and match your feeder insects Power Panel display for customer convenience.
Our Live Bugs! Power Panel is an exclusive retail display system that brings refrigerated product out onto the sales floor, creating self-serve shopping convenience and increasing live foods sales. Thanks to our industry-exclusive fiber packaging, our live products have a long shelf life without the condensation and molding typical in plastic containers.
With the Live Bugs! Power Panel's three display sleeves, retailers can mix and match feeder insects from the 12 SKUs offered by The Bug Company. Live products available for the Live Bugs! Power Panel display include BugBox! crickets, mealworms, giant mealworms, superworms and waxworms. All products have an in store seven-day shelf life guarantee. Contact us to plan your perfect product mix.

Attract wild bird enthusiasts with our Live Mealworm Spinner Rack
Our compact Spinner Rack is one foot square and holds 12 cans of 500-count LIVE mealworms with an in store seven-day live guarantee. Buy extra cans and store them in your stockroom fridge so you won't run out as your new customers keep coming back for more.
Get a free Live Mealworm Spinner Rack with your first purchase of 24 or more canisters of 500 count LIVE mealworms. Retailers only: 24 unit minimum and a state resale certificate required.
There's nothing quite like seeing a product in action, and our BugBox! video proves that premise in spades. Play the video in your stores and watch a crowd gather. All good clean fun that's good for sales as well. Order a free video for your store today. See this video now in Windows Media or Quicktime.
Ask about our highly popular line of t-shirts and other products!

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