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Reptile pet owners love to see their babies eat, the way any good parent does. And just like two-year-old children, reptiles are notoriously finicky eaters. They turn up their noses at even the slightest texture, flavor, or smell that doesn’t appeal.
State-of-the-art nutrition reptiles eat. Enter Reptile-Life™ products. We’ve formulated species-specific foods that are light and crunchy, with the mouth feel, scent and flavor that your pets crave. Live tests with even the pickiest pets have shown that Reptile-Life is the one they eat - Really.
SHHH...Don't tell. It's good for them too. We won’t get too scientific on you, but are proud to note that when you feed Reptile-Life products your pet is getting a mix of micronutrients and probiotics second to none in the reptile food industry. All this makes for a healthier, happier reptile with a strong immune system that is able to resist viral and bacterial challenges. Check out our complete product line featuring 18 ready-to-eat foods, Veggie-Plus™ boosters and supplements. Just use the scroll-down bars to find the products that are right for your pet.
Reptile-Life ready to eat foods. Our tasty, nutritious foods are formulated for the tastes of both adult and juvenile reptiles.
Veggie-Plus Boosters Our boosters supply what’s missing in fruits and vegetables, with a 2 to 1 calcium phosphorus ratio and proteins, fats, vitamins, minerals and advanced micronutrients.
Supplements Our ultra-fine supplements include vitamin and mineral powders and dusting powders with a micro-stick formula that helps the powder adhere better to food and insects, and pets realize all their benefits.
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