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Our story The Bug Company is a family-owned animal nutrition company with its roots in live foods. In fact, the Vadis family has been in the animal food business since 1947. Gordy Vadis, the Cricketeer, is hailed worldwide as the go-to voice in Cricket rearing. The Bug Company roots are firmly planted and relatively unchanged, but what has transformed over the years is who's eating our food and where it's sold. From simple beginnings selling bait to Minnesota fishermen, The Bug Company has evolved and expanded significantly. We're an award-winning company that raises and packages a variety of live insects and has combined decades of insectary and animal experience into the new products that we offer. Our bugs and products are distributed throughout the United States and Canada to pet and birding/nature product retailers large and small. Our pride comes from being the leader in reptile and bird nutrition innovations, addressing health, flavor and freshness details as well as packaging and retail merchandising approaches other companies haven't even begun to consider. Having strong retail experience ourselves we know how important it is to help you simplify and maximize your selling potential.
Products, packaging and merchandising lead the way. In 2002, after extensive research and testing, The Bug Company launched BugBox! Crickets, our first industry-changing product. BugBox! Crickets are a pre-packed system that creates a more convenient, neat and cost-effective way to buy and sell feeder crickets. BugBox! packages are made of breathable, earth-friendly fiberboard that eliminate the moisture found in plastic containers. Others have tried to copy the BugBox, but none have succeeded in matching the quality of this original, unique and patented container.

Also in 2007, we expanded our market reach to include the birding and nature product industry. Mealworms attract the most spectacular garden birds, and our eye-catching, spinning Live Mealworm Merchandiser helps the product fly out of the store.

We love the products that help bring you success, but mostly we are proud to carry an entirely terrific line of organically home-grown insects including the Acheta Cricket, Mealworms, Superworms, Waxworms, and Fruit Flies.

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